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The Cullompton Clinic was formed at the start of 2011 by clinic specialist JonathanBoxall. His vision is to provide effective, up to date treatment for muscle and joint problems, that draws on the very best traditions of the physiotherapy profession combined with the safety and certainty of current testing and treatment techniques. The clinic is built on the successful local practice of accomplished physiotherapist Sarah Marek, and is now part of the Osteo and Physio Group, providing quality hands on therapy across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

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Mid Devon Physio offers expert physiotherapy treatment provided in a gentle and friendly way. We specialise in treating back, neck and shoulder pain and can also treat headaches related to neck pain.

The treatment is effective, pleasant and relaxing. It employs a variety of techniques to maximise the therapeutic effect. This can include gentle joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and manual traction along with acupuncture and ultrasound therapy as appropriate.

As a patient you will receive a careful and sympathetic interview, allowing a clear understanding of the issues at hand in order to give accurate and effective treatment tailored to your individual problem. The treatment will always take account of your needs and preferences, and it is optional whether you remain fully clothed for treatment.

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  Jonathan Boxall

Sarah Marek

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